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What is Intelligent MailĀ®?

View a video about viewing Intelligent MailĀ® tracking information from your Click2Mail account on YouTube.

Adapted from www.usps.com.

The Intelligent MailĀ® barcode, formerly referred to as the 4-state customer barcode, is a new Postal Service barcode used to sort and track letters and flats.Ā  The Postal Service is promoting use of the Intelligent MailĀ®Ā because it expands the ability to track individual mail pieces and provides customers with more options and information about their mail.

The Intelligent MailĀ® barcode combines the data of the existing POSTNET and the PLANET Code barcodes, as well as other data, into a single barcode.Ā  The Intelligent MailĀ® barcode is a type of height-modulated barcode, that uses four distinct vertical bar types (Full, Tracker, Ascender and Descender).

For more information on how Click2Mail has incorporated the use of the intelligent mail barcode, click here.

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