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Standard / Marketing Mail Class Description

Standard Mail, formerly third-class, is defined in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 243.2.  Nonprofit mail is Standard mail.  Standard Mail is subject to inspection and must conform to DMM criteria to be eligible for Standard Mail rates.  Ineligible material will be subject to additional charges.

Standard Mail is more economical than First-Class Mail, but delivery standards for this class of mail are much longer than First-Class mail.  Click2Mail recommends sending any mail that is time sensitive with First-Class postage.

Certain materials such as bills and statements of account must be mailed using only First-Class mail; these materials are specifically defined in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) section 133.3.

All customers of Click2Mail are qualified to use Standard Mail Class postage. Click2Mail uses its own permits with the USPS to produce our customers' mail and thus any customer can use Standard Mail Class postage.

To send your order using the Standard Mail Class postage you will need to select the Standard Mail Class when you configure your job.

Delivery Expectations - USPS delivery times for Standard Mail are unavoidably inconsistant and can range from 3 to 30 days. Reliable service standards are not available for Standard Mail, but Click2Mail achieves more consistent and predictable delivery nationwide through strategic drop-ship partnerships and destination entry.